Access for guests and external members in Workplace groups

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Members of multi-company groups (MCGs) use their own Workplace account within the group. They don’t see any other content in another company’s Workplace except what is in the group they’re added to.
You may see that you can tag members of an MCG that you’re part of in other groups in your Workplace that they’re not a part of. If you tag them, the tag will appear as gray and they will not be able to see or access any content you tagged them in if it is not in the MCG group they’re a part of.
Guest accounts will only see content in the groups that they're added to. They will not have access to any other content in your Workplace.
Identify guests or group members from different organizations
Members of a multi-company group (MCG) that aren't from your organization will have a multi-company group symbol and External next to their name. If you hover over the group member's name, you will be shown the company that they belong to.
Guest accounts will have Guest next to their name.
Note: If you add someone to a multi-company group, the system admin for their organization’s Workplace will be able to access data in the group.
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