Use external software or hardware to stream a live event on Workplace

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You can use external software or hardware to broadcast live on Workplace when you have set up your broadcast in Live Producer.
Once you have set up your broadcast:
  1. From the Broadcast overview section in Live Producer, click Streaming software.
  2. Copy and paste the Stream key into your streaming software. A preview screen will appear in your Live Producer.
    • If you want your stream key to be permanent, click Advanced settings and click next to Persistent stream key.
  3. You can test your stream by clicking Test stream.
  4. Click Start broadcast to begin your live video.
Note: Anyone with access to your stream key can stream a video to your post. You can set up live streaming with a hardware encoder using a stream key.
After your broadcast
When you stop your broadcast, you can delete it or upload a higher-quality version. If you want to edit a live video, you'll need to download the video after you have finished broadcasting and re-upload it. If you choose to do this and delete the original post, you'll lose all the comments and reactions from the original live stream post.
Streaming software
Here are some streaming software programs that you can use to stream to Workplace:
To go live with Webex on Workplace, you need both a Workplace account and a Webex account.
To go live using Webex:
  1. When you're in a Webex meeting, click Start Live Streaming.
  2. From the popup, choose Workplace from Facebook.
  3. Log into Workplace.
  4. You can add information that will then create a post on Workplace. You can also choose where the video will be shared.
  5. Click Start Streaming.
Note: You can use Live Producer while you're live with Webex by clicking in the top right of the video and selecting Edit live video.
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